Why Choose Us

There are a number of important reasons why it is in your interest to consider procuring the services of Baggerman Associates to meet your consulting needs.

 Power for Combination of Values & Capacities

Values provide the multiplier effect. With the highest level of ethical practices and observance of good corporate governance, you can derive maximum benefit from our inherent capacities and capabilities.

 Our Moving Force

Our reservoir of experience in the international contract dredging industry is what makes the difference. As thinkers, innovators and solution providers at Baggerman Associates, we have highly experienced, qualified personnel to conceive, plan and execute your project or study.

 Beyond Solutions

Baggerman Associates is committed to building relationships which endure. Over the years our biggest assets and earnings are our client’s trust.


We can adapt our services to suit your needs. We can work closely with your staff or leave you in peace until the task is completed – just as you wish. And we can adjust the level of service to meet your project’s constraints.